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The Wonderful World We Live in :
A Youthful Introduction to Tehillim 104

By Yaffa Ganz
Using King David's Psalm 104, "Borchi Nafshi," Yaffa Ganz takes a fascinating look at our marvelous world.

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Child's Introduction to Torah

By Shirley Newman
This series of introductory texts retains all the storytelling magic of the classic Bible tales but never confuses them with fairy tales. Children learn to distinguish between history on the home hand and poetic myth on the other, and to respect them both as sources of Jewish wisdom. Based on the recommendations of the Melton Research Center for the teaching of the Bible.

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Benjy's Bible Trails

By Chaya M. Burstein
On a trip to Israel, Benjy follows in the footsteps of famous Bible people, such as Abraham and Isaac, Mrs. Lot, Deborah, Elijah, Jonah, and Jeremiah. With puzzles, word games, and pictures to color

Seven Animals Wag Their Tales

By Howard and Mary K. Bogot
Seven short stories for young children. Each story presents a moral theme. The stories are taken from the Bible and Rabbinic literature. The "Thinking Thoughts" section at the end of each story presents questions about the story that parents can discuss with their child.

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The Torah for Children :
Sefer Bereishis

By Rabbi Aaron Falk
Bereishis, Noach, Lech Lecha, Vayera If ever there was a perfect introduction to the Torah for children, this is it! The Torah narrative is combined with Rabbi Falk's thoughtful analysis, which guides children, encouraging them to think about moral lessons found in every word of the Torah. Young readers will begin to understand how the words of the Torah pertain to their own lives. The book is a treasure of creatively crafted words, and Norman Nodel's brilliantly colored illustrations enhance the text and bring the Torah vividly to life. Don't miss it!

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Why the Moon Only Glows

By Dina Rosenfeld
This Midrash, retold for very young children, features two small children, Leah and Dov. The children ask their abba (father) to retell the story why the sun shines so brightly and the moon can only glow. The retold Midrash is rhymed which makes it more attractive to children and the illustrations add immeasurably to the story line. As the author suggests, a lesson can also be taught from the story, namely, that one should be satisfied with whatever he gets and not begrudge the good fortune of others. The book is charming and delightful and can be enjoyed by youngsters from preschool age up.

Description from Jewish World News

Picture Stories from the Bible : The Old Testament in Full-Color Comic-Strip Form

By M. C. Gaines
Picture Stories From The Bible offers, in one volume, all the fascinating stories from the Hebrew Bible ... from Adam and Eve to Jonah and the Whale. Arranged in chronological order and portrayed in glorious full color, every story has been checked, edited and approved by the religious leaders who formed the book's editorial Advisory Council.

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The Prophets for Young People

By Esta Cassway
Introduces children to biblical personalities King Solomon, Elijah, and Jonah, among others, with illustrations. (361 pages)

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My Weekly Sidra
My Weekly Sidra brings the rhythm of weekly Torah study into the lives of children ages 5-8, creating some unique opportunities along the way. Each parasha includes a summary, a quote, a chance for the student to express his or her own comment, and age-appropriate activities. Children help G-d finish Creation; help Noah pick the right animals; stand with Abraham as he tries to count the stars in the sky and much, much more.

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Our Sages Showed the Way

By Yocheved Segal
A treasure trove of 206 beautiful, annotated stories from Midrashic and Talmudic sources, that will delight and educate children of all ages. Translated from the Hebrew 'Ko Asu Chachomeinu.'

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Fables for All Ages

By Frieda Clark Hyman
Torah learning and animal lore are combined in the dramatic lives of the characters of Eden Forest. Your whole family will want to share this charming book.

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The Lord Is My Shepherd :
The Twenty-Third Psalm

By Tasha Tudor
The most cherished of psalms is interpreted here by one of America's most beloved illustrators.

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The pastoral scenes, liberally scattered with rabbits, turtles, chipmunks, and dogs, provide a serene backdrop for a book that children and adults will enjoy together.

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Tasha Tudor's gentle watercolors beautifully highlight this well-known psalm.

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By Anne De Graaf

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