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The Illustrated Jewish Bible For Children

By Selina Hastings
"A selection of key passages from the Jewish Bible by a team of educators and scholars highlights the stories' human interest and includes illustrations portraying key incidents and symbols, a guide to important Old Testament figures, and maps and photographs."

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A Child's Garden of Torah:
A Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible

By Joel Lurie Grishaver
Kids should have Bible dreams.

They should be able to imagine themselves riding on an overcrowded ark filled with cuddly and smelly animals. They should be able to see the rainbow burst through the single window in the ark's ceiling. They should imagine themselves dancing on their first day, just after their creation in the Garden of Eden. They should have a moment of standing before an inner-mirror and trying on their parent's special gift, a coat of many colors.

Kids love the Bible, because it has it all. The Bible is not witches, dragons, and space ships. Instead, the Bible has stories of fear and faith. The Bible knows what it is like to feel alone, to feel afraid; to be angry that someone else is loved better. It knows where your heart goes when you are the one who is left out, or the way your feelings can soar when you know that someone really loves you. It tells the story of fights after which we make up, and of the fights from which there is no making up.

The power of Bible is that it tells our story. We all have our moments of being Joseph in the limelight when it seems that we are beloved and have everything. And we all have our "in the pit time" when everything caves in and we are just trapped. We all know -- in our own life story -- what it is to want something that you just can't have, like Abram and Sarai craved a child. And we all have our own miracles -- where G-d gifts us with something that we no longer believed could ever happen. Isaac is always being conceived and then birthed.

The Bible has it all -- because it is our own story. A Child's Garden of Torah was written to be a first telling of these Torah stories. It was written with classroom story circles and darkened bedrooms in mind. It seeks any place where a good story can evoke a great conversation. It was designed to be a first or an early hearing and studying of these great, eternal stories. It was designed to be the beginning of a lot of dreams.

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The Bible from Alef to Tav

By Penina V. Adelman
The Bible from Alef to Tav is a new child's Bible that engages-and amazes-young readers as it takes them on a fascinating journey into the sacred stories of the Jewish tradition. Adelman's gently and creatively retold Bible stories are matched up with original calligraphy and artwork by artist Michael Jacobs. The result is a book with much warmth and a sense of surprise that compels children-and adults-to turn the page. A special 32-page section in the back of the book provides parents and teachers with thought-provoking material appropriate for both guided study with children and parallel adult learning. This excellent appendix contains midrashic and rabbinic commentary, contemporary connections to Biblical texts, sources for additional study and much more. The Bible from Alef to Tav has been designed with a durable sewn/lay-flat binding for multi-year classroom use or as a lasting addition to a school or family library.

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A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories

By Mary Hoffman
An entertaining and educational introduction to Jewish Bible stories.

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, seven stories from the bible are retold for the very young. Children can follow the stories in pictures while an adult reads aloud, and each page provides opportunities for shared discussion. A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories is an entertaining and delightful introduction to the teachings of the Bible.

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Tasty Bible Stories: A Menu of Tales & Matching Recipes

By Tami Lehman-Wilzig
Enjoy food fit for the kings and queens of Israel with an innovative mix of Bible stories related to food and the recipes they inspire-from Adam and Eve's apples, to Noah's grapes and Queen Esther's feast.

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Young Heroes of the Bible :
A Book for Family Sharing

By Kirk Douglas
If ever a book seemed designed to appeal to grandparents, this is it, from the fancy jacket with its solemn inset illustration of David to the octogenarian celebrity author. Happily, kids should like it, too. Douglas proves himself a much better storyteller here than in his previous children's work, The Broken Mirror, perhaps because this time he is working from a script--accounts from the Bible and Midrash of the childhood deeds of Abraham, Rebecca, Joseph, Miriam and David. Douglas keeps the characters appealingly lifelike even as he drives home their extraordinary contributions and virtues. He treats the biblical setting to contemporary embellishments that make the stories more accessible. For example, when Abraham poses skeptical questions about idols, his teacher tells him, "Keep quiet, or you will have to stay after school." (Similarly, Abraham's father, the owner of the biggest idol shop in Ur, has a sign reading, "We have a god for every occasion").

Description from Publishers Weekly

Classic Bible Stories for Jewish Children

By Alfred J. Kolatch
From the author and illustrator of The Jewish Child's First Book of Why comes this volume that introduces young readers to the biblical heroes who are an important part of the Jewish heritage. Children ages five and up will derive many hours of pleasure as the stories of the twenty-four biblical heroes (such as Noah, Joseph, Moses, David and Goliath, Ruth and Naomi, and Daniel) in this collection unfold. Illustrated in full color.

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Angels, Prophets, Rabbis and Kings from the Stories of the Jewish People

By Jose Patterson
This volume presents stories from the Hebrew Bible (the creation, the flood, the patriarchs, the Exodus, heroes and heroines, kings and prophets); the Talmud; legends from the Middle Ages; stories of rabbis and miracles; tales of Purim and Hanukkah; and mystical tales of messianic longing and Paradise.

A handsome, well-made book. Written in a conversational tone with sufficient dialogue for children to identify with the characters, it's a smoothly written collection of traditional and folk literature from the Jewish heritage, peopled by fools and wise men, honest men and tricksters, princesses and kings, rabbis and sages. While many favorites are included, there are also lesser-known selections. The stories are divided into 13 groups; each group is introduced by an explanation about the source and the meaning behind the tales. Very little, if any, adaptation is needed for storytelling use. The book is magnificently illustrated in both full color and black and white. No other collection on this topic is as lively or as attractive.

from School Library Journal

Seven Animal Stories for Jewish Children

By Howard & Mary Bogot
A collection of Bible stories and Jewish folktales, related in sprightly retellings that teach lessons about desirable human traits. David learns respect for others when a frog's croaking praises God as well as his own harp songs. Solomon banishes a treacherous snake who shows no gratitude. A spider's loyal friendship saves David's life. Jonah learns responsibility. Noah's raven has a bad attitude, and the dove has a good one. A bee is honest in admitting that she stung the mighty King Solomon. Several questions and a double-page spread that shows all of the characters follow each story. The writing is informal, often funny, and good for reading aloud. The brightly colored cartoon-style illustrations showing big-eyed people and cheerful animals suit the tone and mood of these gentle morality tales.

Description from School Library Journal

Good Night Little Lambs:
Jewish Bedtime Stories

By C. L. Grunfeld
This collection of bedtime stories will delight your children with stories from Tanach and Midrashic sources, accompanied by enchanting illustrations.

In a playful twist, each story is related by a mother animal, of the type involved in that story, to her babies. For example, a mother spider tells her babies about how King David was once saved by the efforts of a spider who spun a web and concealed his hiding place.

A joy to read for both parents and children! Great for children three to nine!

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One -Hundred-and-One Read-Aloud Jewish Stories

By Barbara Diamond Goldin (Editor)
Jewish tales, Bible stories, legends and historic accounts from every generation and every land come to life in this captivating collection of short selections designed to introduce pre-readers to the glories of Jewish storytelling.

Reading aloud is the very best way to introduce young children to new worlds, real and imaginary-and to the great pleasures found between the covers of books. This wide-ranging and engaging collection will introduce young and old alike to Biblical heroes, magical and mythical characters, kings, prophets, historic figures and real-life adventurers from Israel, America and many other lands.

Selected and retold by well-known children's author Barbara Diamond Goldin, the stories are designed to be read in ten minutes or less, and the strength and richness of the narratives make them ideal at bedtime. From the stories of Moses, Solomon and Jonah to the legends of the Golem of Prague and the hapless inhabitants of Chelm, and including selections from such renowned writers as Sholom Aleichem and Isaac B. Singer, this is sure to become a treasured volume, read, reread, passed down and loved for years to come.

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Clouds of Glory : Jewish Legends & Stories About Bible Times

By Miriam Chaikin
With energy and verve, Chaikin retells stories about G-d, angels, and the creation of the world, taken from the Midrashim and other Jewish lore, from Genesis up to the sacrifice of Abraham. G-d is the very anthropomorphic one of the Old Testament, with feelings, regrets, and, occasionally, anger; the tales are peopled with angels who act as messengers to humankind. Chaikin names the angels Michael and Raziel as female, and tells readers about the female voice of G-d, the Shekinah. In the creation story, Adam and Eve are made from the dust of earth, not Eve from Adam, and other original touches abound: Satan cannot cry, for tears are a gift from G-d; the phoenix rises from its own ashes as a gift for its kindness on Noah's ark. Frampton's woodcut illustrations recall amber and stained glass, making memorable stories that, with their rhythm and sense of mystery, have universal appeal.

The Kid's Cartoon Bible

By Chaya M. Burstein
Award-winning author-illustrator Chaya Burstein combines her talents as a storyteller and an artist to bring alive the Bible for young readers. Opening with the Five Books of Moses, her colorful and imaginative drawings vividly tell the story of the earth's creation, Moses' triumphs over Pharoah's magicians, G-d's blessing of Joshua before the deliverance to the Promised Land, and more.

Burstein continues with artful depictions of the works of the Prophets and Writings, including the popular stories of Ruth, Esther, and Daniel. Children and adults will appreciate her Bible people-finder, an index locating dozens of personalities within the text.

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Does G-d Have a Big Toe? : Stories About Stories in the Bible

G-d's Mailbox : More Stories About Stories in the Bible

By Rabbi Marc Gellman

  • Notable Books of 1989 (NYT)
  • Best Illustrated Children's Books of 1989 (NYT)
  • Children's Books of 1989 (Library of Congress)

Humorous retellings that will appeal to children's funny bones but which, nevertheless, capture the spirit of the Bible stories on which they are based. In colloquial language richly laced with humor, Gellman retells an assortment of stories from the Bible. Without turning them into sermons, he successfully reinforces the messages of these tales. For reference, chapters and verses follow each tale. Tilley's comical illustrations add to the lighthearted atmosphere of the text.

Does G-d Have a Big Toe? is the first book in the series; G-d's Mailbox is the sequel

Torah Rhymes and Riddles

By Shoshana Lepon
Make "table talk" exciting and interesting for your youngsters each week and each holiday, with these delightfully illustrated books of enchanting rhyming questions on each weekly parashah and on the holidays. It's fun. It's stimulating. It's educational. And if the questions stump you, just look for the answers at the bottom of the page. It's done in perfect taste for parents and educators to use and for children to enjoy.

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G-d Sent a Rainbow: And Other Bible Stories
By Yona Zeldis
Fourteen retellings of stories from the Old Testament, beginning with the Creation and closing with the granting of the Ten Commandments to Moses and the Israelites. The text is adapted from the new Jewish Publication Society translation. The brief stories are written in clear and accessible language. Accompanying stunning paintings in a folk-art style are fresh and involving. There are a few earlier Old Testament story collections available, but none that will hold children's interest so well.

from School Library Journal

Bible Story Crafts for Little Hands

By Ruth Esrig Brinn
A creative introduction to the Bible for young children. Each of 30 stories is presented with a picture to color and an easy-to-make craft relating to the story. Make Abraham and Sarah puppets, Noah's Ark, Jonah in the Whale, and more. Includes instructions for making Bible costumes and musical instruments so children can act out the stories. Clear instructions and diagrams plus patterns to trace. Ideal for home or classroom. From the author of the best-selling Jewish Holiday Crafts and Jewish Holiday Games.

Description from Publisher

In a class of its own is this 80-page book that combines very short capsules of familiar Bible stories with crafts and projects for little hands. Some help will be needed for many of the projects, but they are clever and varied and include several pages of patterns, which can be copied, customized and reused. Most of the materials can be found around the home or school room, so good environmental recycling is part of the creative process. While many children may have made Baby Moses in his basket, you'll also find lots of new puppets, jewelry for Rebecca at the well, a tambourine for Miriam at the Red Sea, a harp and a slingshot for David the shepherd, and sandals for Moses at the burning bush, which will also fit the child making them.

Description from Children's Literature

Parashah Plays For Children of All Ages

by Richard J. Allen
Parashah Plays is a new collection of 54 self-contained, original plays, each representing a single parashah of the Torah. The plays are primarily written for younger children (Grades K-6), but the humor and content can be enjoyed on a variety of levels by people of all ages. Each play is constructed with a unique dramatic format, chosen to reflect the tone and message of that weeks's parashah. The plays are each about 15 minutes in length, and bring to life familiar characters from the Torah, using contemporary language to play out their conflicts and dilemmas in colorful, comedic fashion. Although the dialogue is contemporary, with a focus on humor and fun, the actual biblical events are depicted with attention to accuracy, making Parashah Plays an excellent tool for educating, entertaining, and inspiring.

Description from Publisher

Stories from Adam and Eve to Ezekiel

by Celia Barker Lottridge
Today, when religion is both omnipresent and strangely absent from children's lives, this version of the Jewish Bible is presented to readers as a narrative of interest both for the compelling quality of the stories it tells as well as for the deep, resonant role it has played in Western culture. It aims to give children a greater understanding of their own cultural inheritance.

Award-winning illustrator Gary Clement has been deeply familiar with the Bible stories since childhood. He is a sophisticated artist whose acquaintance with the iconographic roots of the stories has allowed him to situate the illustrations in historical tradition while bringing a freshness and vitality to them.

Description from Publisher

This storybook brings the Hebrew Bible to a level that children will understand. Lottridge's narrative includes enough detail that children will be able to appreciate some of the nuances of the biblical tales. Clement's soft ilustrations further engage children in the stories. An excellent choice for reading aloud.

Lori's Description

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