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Queen Esther Saves Her People
Queen Esther Saves Her People

By Rita Golden Gelman
Although there are a number of books about the Jewish holiday Purim, this is a particularly well told version. The biblical story centers on the young girl Esther, who is taken into the court of the Persian king and then finds herself in a position to save her people, the Jews. Gelman personalizes the story with details: "The young women [of the court] spoke many languages. They were of many religions. And they were all beautiful, each in her own way. Esther enjoyed meeting women from many different parts of the empire." The pictures, done in folk art style, incorporating the story's Persian setting, are likewise full of details. From the cover picture of a Esther, holding a tiny, almost unnoticeable white bird in her hand, to the joyous last scene, in which the Jews of Persia celebrate their freedom, there is always one more thing to see. A solid, attractive choice for religion shelves.

from Booklist
Esther's Story
Esther's Story

By Diane Wolkstein
By designing her narrative as a diary written by Esther, wife of the great Persian king Ahasuerus, Wolkstein offers a plausible interpretation of the conflicting emotions that must have plagued the girl as she prepared to wager her wit, beauty, and charm against the machinations of the king's favorite minister, the evil Haman, as he anticipated the wholesale slaughter of the Jews and seizure of their property. Wijngaard's full-color illustrations are elegant and glowing. Opulently designed, painstakingly detailed, richly allusive, they suggest Persian art while retaining their own integrity in a handsome tribute to female heroism.

By Miriam Chaikin
This retelling of the story of Esther is presented in a beautifully designed book. The text is printed in a calligraphy style which is both decorative and easy to read. The soft pencil line drawings supplement the text and are in keeping with the Biblical theme. Esther, the young Jewish girl chosen to be the wife of the Persian King Ahasuerus, thwarted the schemes of the king's wicked chief minister to kill all the Jews of Persia. The event is celebrated to this day by the holiday of Purim. The story is told in a simple, direct style and has all of the elements of an absorbing tale: a villain; a beautiful heroine; and a hero, Esther's Uncle Mordecai. A good addition to the Bible stories section of any library.

from School Library Journal
The Shushan Chronicle
The Shushan Chronicle :
The Story of Purim

By Yaffa Gottlieb
Using Midrashic sources as a backdrop, Yaffa Gottlieb weaves a Purim tale full of intrigue, excitement and a hint of humor. Esther and Mordechai, Achashveirosh and Haman are brought to life in full-color illustrations, as the reader gets a glimpse into our history.

from the Publisher
Queen Esther, the Morning Star
Queen Esther,
the Morning Star

By Mordicai Gerstein
Gerstein (Absolutely Awful Alphabet) retells the tale of Queen Esther's plight, making the origins of Purim and its lessons shine. The well-known events of the tale are well told: When the wealthy king of Persia selects the beautiful Esther as his new wife, her cousin Mordecai warns her not to tell the king she is Jewish; Haman concocts his devious plan; Mordecai saves the king from poisoning, etc. Unlike Cathy Goldberg Fishman's On Purim, which makes the origins of Purim secondary to the preparations for the celebration, Gerstein offers in-depth portrayals of the principal characters. He rounds out the story in the depiction of Esther's devotion to Mordecai, the king's growing affection for his queen, and his gullibility at the hands of the villainous prime minister. Colorful illustrations shimmer with the vibrant hues of Persia, with lush purple, orange, and yellow mingling to vivid effect. Eminently readable, this biblical tale of evil vanquished and innocence saved contains an important message about strength of character that speaks to all children, regardless of their faith.

Description from Kirkus Reviews

Out of all the young women of Persia, Esther shines like a star. King Ahasuerus decides that she will be his new queen. Esther's cousin Mordecai warns her never to reveal that she is a Jew. "There are those at court who hate our people," he tells her.

One day the king's prime minister, a schemer named Haman, orders Mordecai to bow down before him. Mordecai refuses, saying he will bow only to G-d. Furious, Haman convinces the king that all of the Jews in the kingdom should be destroyed.

Mordecai realizes that Queen Esther will have to tell the king the truth and try to change his mind about the Jews. Will Esther and Mordecai be brave and clever enough to triumph over the evil Haman?

With lively storytelling and intricate illustrations that recall ancient Persia, Mordicai Gerstein breathes new life into this dramatic tale about remaining true to oneself and to G-d. It Is sure to be enjoyed on Purim and all year round.

Description from Publisher

Esther & the Mighty King

By Alice Joyce Davidson

(Board Book)
The good king listened to her, Stopped the plan without delay, And Queen Esther saved her people Who rejoiced that very day! The king made Esther his wife, but G-d had even bigger plans for her than being a queen. A story about the amazing ways G-d can use those who trust him. Children ages 4 and under will adore these colorful sturdy board books. Each specially shaped, die-cut book offers bright, four-color illustrations and rhyming verses that make favorite Bible stories come alive to young minds.

Description from Publisher

Queen Who Saved Her People: Book of Esther
In long-ago Persia, a land like a dream, King Ahasuerus decreed that the cream of all the young maidens be brought to his throne, and from them he promised to choose one alone. She'd reign as his queen, and she'd be his dear wife. (What girl wouldn't love to live that sort of life?)

Description from Publisher

More Than Beautiful! :
The Story of Esther

By Marilyn Lashbrook
These are very well written Bible story books that my children choose to read again and again... and I really like the values my kids are learning. "More Than Beautiful" is the story of Queen Esther, from the time she came to Persia until the Jews are saved from genocide. The great thing about this book is it doesn't just tell the story, it asks, "what would you do?" And it emphasizes that Esther's faith, wisdom and courage made her truly beautiful.

Description from Customer Review


by Theresa Morin
A whole nation needed her help-and Esther came through. G-d helped this beautiful young woman to rise to the occasion, for "such a time as this."

Description from Publisher

Just in Time Esther

By Carol Wedeven

Esther: A Brave Queen

By Linda J. Sattgast


By Anne Degraaf

Courage, Esther!

By Carolyn Nystrom
This whole series of four books are about the best I have seen of Bible-based books for children. In Courage, Esther, nice artistic touches include a page reminiscent of Cinderella and her stepsisters primping for the ball, a Persian cat on just about every page once Esther becomes the Persian queen, and vivid, colorful details on every page. From a text standpoint, the storyline is interesting and relatively detailed, yet it does not include extraneous imaginary details like making up names for Esther's deceased parents. These books are a great way to introduce kids to some of the important stories of the Old Testament.

Description from Customer Review

Adopted for a Purpose :
Bible Stories of Joseph, Moses, Samuel, and Esther

By Pauline Youd
Presents the Bible stories of Joseph, Moses, Samuel, and Esther, all of whom were taken from their natural parents and raised by someone else.

Description from Publisher

Megillath Esther

By Dovid Landesman (Translator)
The megillah, lavishly illustrated in full color with a new, simplified translation.

Description from Publisher

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