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Daniel and the Lion's Den

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Daniel in the Lions' Den

By Jean Marzollo
In Daniel in the Lions' Den, young readers learn Daniel's qualities of faith, loyalty, courage, and heroism are as important today as they were in biblical times. Jean Marzollo's innovative approach to these stories is sure to be welcomed by families looking for appealing ways to introduce the timeless lessons of the Bible to young children.

Description from Publisher

This story is more than a typical Bible picture book. Jean Marzollo created a book in which children will find something new each time they read it (and they will want to read it over and over again)! Daniel is a respected servent to both King Darius and to God. When the King is tricked into signing a law making it illegal to pray to anybody other than the king, Daniel was arrested for continuing to pray to God. King Darius grudgingly sent Daniel into a den of lions, but God sent an angel to protect him. The angel told all the lions to close their mouths and sang a lullaby to them to make them fall asleep. When King Darius went to rescue Daniel from the lions, he was happy to find that his friend was safe. This book features a conversational narrative, comic-book style conversations, poems to be sung to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", and a series of ants' commentary at the bottom of each page encouraging children to think further about the story. An excellent choice for elementary school readers.

Lori's Description

The Story of Daniel

(Board Book)

By Patricia Pingry
Board book for toddlers tells the story of Daniel, how he prayed without ceasing, defied a King's order and survived a night spent with the lions. Parents can use the simple words and bright pictures of this book to introduce the Biblical character of Daniel.

Description from Publisher

Daniel was a devout man who refused to pray to the King instead. As a result, he was thrown into a den of hungry lions. Daniel continued to pray to God, who caused the lions to close their mouths. The narration is very simple and key words are written in larger type. This board book is appropriate to explain the story of Daniel to toddlers.

Lori's Description

The Story of Daniel the Lion's Den

By Michael McCarthy
The biblical story of Daniel does not easily lend itself to telling for children, so this version is all the more remarkable for relating the story in verse. Young Daniel is taken from his home in Jerusalem to Nabuchadnezzar's court. An interpreter of dreams, Daniel wins the confidence of the king and the enmity of other advisors, who trick the monarch into sending Daniel to the lions' den. But instead of devouring Daniel, the lions respond to his steadfast faith, and he is saved. Rather surprisingly, the text's aa / bb rhyme scheme doesn't get boring and moves the tale at an impressive clip. Also noteworthy are the watercolor-and-colored pencil illustrations, executed on watercolor paper. Ferri's interesting mix of geometric shapes and soft edges give the pictures a distinctive look. The author's note explains the story's message.

Description from Booklist

Daniel in the Lions' Den

By Mary Auld
These retellings of Bible stories follow the original closely. The language is easy to understand and the text is inviting for children to read themselves. Attractively designed, the books feature bright, realistic watercolor illustrations on lots of white space and characters that look to be Middle Eastern. The art captures the emotions and the period. Notes give further information and discussion questions. Adequate selections for the beginning-to-read set.

Description from School Library Journal

Daniel Blessed:
Daniel and the Lions

By Claudia Courtney
Using the Story of Daniel and the Lions, children are encouraged to learn more about G-d and His love while building reading confidence. This book emphasizes a special phonetic sound (short 'e') for pre-reader and emerging readers to practice.

Description from Publisher

The Trials of Daniel

By Catherine Storr
Retells the story of Daniel's unswerving faith in G-d, even in a den of lions.

Description from Publisher

Daniel and the Roaring Lions

By Louise Ulmer
This book retells the story of Daniel in the lions' den through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations.

Description from Publisher

Bible Friends Plus Book:
Daniel and the Lion's Den
This cuddly lion friend introduces Bible favorites to young children. The story of Daniel in the Lion's Den will come alive to toddlers and young children with the help of these friendly plush Bible Friends. This little lion holds a miniature Bible story board book.

Description from Publisher

Why Was Daniel Scared?

By Pauline Youd

Don't Cry, Lion!
(I'm Not Afraid)

By Dandi Daley MacKall
Little Lion cowers in a corner of the lion's den-he's afraid of a bully! But Daniel teaches this scaredy-cat how feeling safe is just a prayer away, and an angel even lends a helping hand!

Childhood fears feel real, whether they're based on actual or imaginary events. I'm Not Afraid is specifically created to help relieve anxiety about new places, big bullies, the dark, and getting lost; helping children feel safer in today's world.

Description from Publisher

I'll Pray Anyway: The Story of Daniel (Me Too!)

By Marilyn Lashbrook
This delightful retelling of the story of Daniel in the Lions' Den is one of the "Me Too" books which invite your preschool child to join in the fun of reading by pointing, repeating, filling in, making sounds, and answering questions.

Description from Publisher

The Tower

By Lene Mayer-Skumanz
The story of Azarya, who was exiled with the Jewish people by King Nevuchadnezer to Babylon. Includes a brief Biblical review of the history of the Jewish people and describes the miraculous escapes of Azarya, Daniel, Hananya and Mishael, the heroes of the Book of Daniel.

Description from Publisher

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